Bercow Banished from Traitors US

Bercow Banished from Traitors US

Former Commons Speaker John Bercow has been banished from the US version of The Traitors.

Bercow, who quit as Commons Speaker in 2019 after a decade at the helm, described the psychological reality show as “much more complicated than politics”.

“Politics is child’s play by comparison,” the 61-year-old said.

The show sees competitors split, with secret traitors tasked with “murdering” the other faithful contestants at a remote castle in the Scottish highlands to win a financial prize that has been accumulated up to $250,000 (£197,500).

During the episode, Bercow is seen opening an envelope which read: “By order of the traitors, you have been murdered”.

Bercow had anticipated his departure earlier in the episode, after repeatedly expressing that former The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks was a traitor – to the dismay of other contestants.

“I’m not surprised in the slightest by my macabre fate,” he said after his exit.

“I was on to Phaedra and she wasn’t going to allow me to hang around any longer.”

Fellow contestant and TV star Trishelle Cannatella shed a tear saying she was “entirely devastated” that Bercow had departed.

TV personality Chris “CT” Tamburello said: “I hope I am as functional as him when I am his age”, while Shahs Of Sunset star Mercedes Javid joked: “I don’t think he’s old, I think people in England just don’t get Botox.”

The former MP for Buckingham was the seventh celebrity to be axed from the second US series of the reality show, hosted by Scottish actor Alan Cumming.

Bercow’s fate was chosen by Parks, who agreed with fellow traitor and Below Deck star Kate Chastain that she has the most chance of surviving the show without Bercow “because he’s most eloquent”.

“Oh god he talks so much,” Parks said, while Chastain added: “I know you miss the evening news but come on, you’re not the only speaker in this house.”

In 2022, a Commons Independent Expert Panel report upheld a finding that Bercow was a “serial bully” and said he should never again be allowed a parliamentary pass.

The ex-Speaker was accused of throwing a mobile phone and swearing at officials.

The second season of the UK version of The Traitors hosted by Claudia Winkleman, was recently won by 22-year-old “traitor” Harry Clark who outwitted his fellow contestants to win more than £95,000.

Published: by Radio NewsHub

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