Crowds gather for egg rolling Easter tradition to celebrate new life

Crowds gather for egg-rolling Easter tradition to celebrate new life

Crowds gathered in London to take part in an annual egg-rolling Easter tradition, which represents “new life” and the resurrection of Christ.

People attempted to roll a hard boiled egg down Fleet Street, London for the longest distance without it breaking.

Winners for the furthest roll are rewarded with a chocolate-related gift, according to St Bride’s Church which organises the tradition every year.

The church describes the tradition and its yearly Easter Dawn Service as “one of the most evocative and unique events in the yearly calendar”.

Photos from the event shows members of the church with brightly decorated, hard-boiled eggs attempting to roll the egg down Fleet Street leaving a trail of broken shell remnants.

The image also shows the verger, a person who assists in organising religious services, leading a procession onto Fleet Street as members of the church attempt egg-rolling.

The event follows the church’s kindling of the Easter fire and dawn services as people celebrate the notion of new beginnings.

St Bride’s Church explains on its website that egg-rolling “symbolises both new life and the rolling of the stone from Christ’s tomb”.

Published: by Radio NewsHub

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