Flynn warns Starmer to come clean over cuts

Flynn warns Starmer to ‘come clean’ over cuts

Sir Keir Starmer must “come clean” on plans for post-election cuts to public spending, the SNP’s leader at Westminster has warned.

Stephen Flynn has said voters will not tolerate the UK Labour leader standing “lockstep” with the Conservatives following the Budget.

It comes after the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) warned last week that both parties were engaged in a “conspiracy of silence” about where cuts could fall.

The think tank said tough decisions would be required after the election after it warned the latest Budget implied a real-terms cut to net public sector investment of around £18 billion between 2024-25 and 2028-29.

While the Tories in Downing Street currently did not provide clarity, according to the IFS, Labour as the main opponents also have a way to go to set out what the cuts may entail.

Labour has since said a future government may have to make savings through public spending to fund policies around the NHS.

Mr Flynn said: “Sir Keir Starmer must come clean over where the axe will fall under damaging Labour Party plans for another decade of austerity cuts to public services.

“The SNP will strongly oppose Starmer’s plans to impose Tory fiscal rules and a staggering £18 billion of cuts to frontline services.

“The UK Government has already slashed Scotland’s budget – and now Starmer must admit what services he plans to cut to the bone.

“Voters in Scotland will be appalled that Starmer is in lockstep with the Tories on cuts and Brexit.

“Labour MPs are right to be anxious that voters won’t forgive them if they are the midwives of austerity 2.0.

“It shows why it’s vital Scotland has a strong SNP voice to stand up for Scotland’s values and challenge Starmer’s reckless Tory plans.”

A UK Labour spokesman said: “Labour will take no lectures from the SNP that are hiking taxes on nurses while campaigning for lower taxes for oil and gas giants.

“Only Labour offers the change Scotland needs.”

Scottish Conservative shadow finance secretary Liz Smith MSP said: “The SNP’s catastrophic mismanagement of Scotland’s finances has left our public services completely overwhelmed and at breaking point.

“Their chaotic tax-and-axe budget has cut public services to the bone at a time when they have received the highest ever block grant that any Scottish Government has had since devolution.

“Time and time again we have seen that SNP ministers would rather squander taxpayers’ money on their reckless independence obsession than focus on the real priorities of Scots.

“Instead of aiming for growth, reducing the tax burden, supporting councils and local services, and bringing in public sector reform, the SNP and their anti-growth Green allies are headed full-tilt in the opposite direction.”

Published: by Radio NewsHub

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