Public warned to check travel routes and tie down objects ahead of Storm Isha

Public warned to check travel routes and tie down objects ahead of Storm Isha

A number of weather warnings are in place with Storm Isha set to hit the UK.

Here is how the Met Office has advised people to keep safe during the storm:

– At home

Items such as bins, plant pots, garden furniture, trampolines and sheds should be secured, while doors and windows should be fastened.

Cars should be parked in a garage if available, or kept away from buildings, trees, walls and fences.

If chimney stacks are tall and in poor condition, beds should be moved from areas directly below, and the Met Office has even recommended that people do not sleep near windows.

It is suggested that people gather torches and batteries and other essential items if there are warnings of power cuts in place.

Checking if a property is at risk of flooding is also advised in areas where a yellow rain warning is in place.

– Travel

People should stay indoors wherever possible, but if they do need to leave their house, steering clear of trees and walls during strong winds is advised.

Sticking to main roads is suggested while driving, as motorists are “less likely” to hit fallen branches and debris.

It is also recommended that drivers grip their steering wheel with both hands and keep more room around the vehicle than usual while travelling.

Checking for transport delays and cancellations is advised ahead of any journey.

– After storm

People should not go near electrical or telephone cables that have been blown down or are still hanging.

They should also steer clear of walls, buildings and trees which appear to have been weakened.

Checking on vulnerable neighbours or relatives is also recommended.

Published: by Radio NewsHub

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